2 Quick, Kid-Friendly DIY Projects That Are Perfect for February 14th

When it comes to family bonding activities, arts and crafts projects are the gold standards. Spending time with children as they flex those creative muscles is a joy to many parents – especially around the holidays. Start your Valentine’s Day celebrations a little early with these two simple craft tutorials, which can be completed with a little bit of adult supervision.

Conversation Heart Crayons

You will need:

• Round or heart-shaped baking tray
• Extra or broken crayons
• Stamp with small letter stamps or cookie-cutter letters


1. Remove the wrappers from your crayons, break them into small enough pieces to fit in the tray, and fill to the top (use multiple colors to create a fun marbled effect).
2. Use the stamp or cookie cutters to add your favorite conversation heart phrases.
3. Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. Cool and remove crayons from the mold.

Sweetheart Hair Pins

You will need:

• Adhesive felt sheets (in pink, red, white)
• Metal single prong hair clip
• Scissors or pinking shears
• Craft glue
• Scrapbooking bows with adhesive backs


1. Cut out heart shapes from felt. Make an assortment in two sizes.
2. Remove adhesive backing and layer smaller-sized heart on top of the larger size. For extra security, dab an extra bit of craft glue.
3. Once dry, flip over (so small heart facing down) and attach the larger heart to the metal clip. Secure and set aside to dry.
4. Finish off by popping the bow on top.

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